Custom-Made Video Commercials/ Service #1

E-Zen i-Marketing and Research is a full service I-Marketing Agency that offers the Best Interactive, Custom-Made Video Commercial Services for B2Bs, B2Cs and entrepreneurs.

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Custom Website Design Services #2

E-Zen i-Marketing and Research, LLC is a full-service I-Marketing Agency that offers the Best Interactive, Custom-Designed Website Services for B2Bs, B2Cs, and Entrepreneurs.

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e-Learning Courses and Other Products / Services #3

The products/services we develop and launch on this website are always built out of a need we have in our own business or as requests needed from our clients and consumers. We will offer a wide array of e-learning courses geared for your success with NO EXCEPTION.



From small business website design to search engine optimization (SEO) to mobile marketing, E-Zen i-Marketing & Research Mobile Marketing Agency knows how to unlock success for your business on your desktop and mobile websites by enhancing your online presence with our premium web design, expert SEO, mobile advertising, and research and content writing services.  Now we are expanding our business by purging all our knowledge into e-Courses and other products and services in these areas that you can take advantage of to shorten your learning curve.

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e-Learning Meets i-Marketing

Like most online businesses, it took us a while to work everything out when we started online, but now that we have unlocked the formula for success, we can shorten YOUR learning curve.

Here’s the recipe to the secret sauce: To succeed online you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You need to learn things that are working for others, and then do those things. After you learn the basics, THEN you can add personal touches that will help you stand out from the crowd!  If done in reverse or out of step you, most likely, will get nowhere fast!

Here’s one thing we know for sure. The best way for marketers to make the most money online is to market your business, products, and services.  Of course, many marketers have learned this, and it’s probably no surprise to most business owners…but to the few who are surprised, we will teach you how to here through our e-Learning courses, products and services.


Calling All Course Developers…

Most successful marketers develop their own product or service and launch it online.  Making money online is a dream for a lot of people. Not only can you make thousands of dollars a month, if successful, there is also a freedom with working online that you just can’t ever get from a 9-5.  With that in mind, we are looking for other course developers to develop your courses on our website.  We have done all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your creativity by creating courses within our mobile-optimized, and mobile-friendly website with our user-friendly interface.  You’re the boss of your courses, you create as much or as little as you want in terms of creating engaging multimedia lectures with your own choice of videos, images, audio, text, PDF files and you create and grade the tests/quizzes and provide the answers.  You will be able to have your students easily view your courses/curriculum’s, sign up for your courses, and purchase your courses. That money is yours!  Once your course is live on our marketplace, students will be able to discover and purchase it. You’ll earn money every time a student purchases your course.  You only pay hosting monthly fees for your each of your courses.    Let’s Get Started!  Sign-up below.

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